Mens Bowls

Strictly Social

McKenzie Park “Highlanders” guys play Tuesday – in games of nominated Pairs. Thursday is for Triples and Fridays for Individual and Rink roll-ups; and for Pennant Practice. If we are not playing “Strictly Serious”, we will also run a social game on the week-end.

Strictly Serious

Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for a combination of Club Championships and Inter-Club Competitions - like Pennant (including the mid-week Senior Pennants); Super Challenge; Premier League; and Summer Nines.

Your Game

Individual roll ups are dependant on Green-keeper requirements (we have the best with the Shillington family); rink availability on organised days; Barefoot Bowls; and “School Children who Bowl” commitments. Coaching for those invaluable tips is held at 9:30am on Fridays.

General Info

Please contact the Club, or via Facebook (McKenzie Park Highlanders); and soon to appear - on LinkedIn.

It’s really exciting, so join us!

Mens Bowls Committee
  • President:
    Vic Lord
  • Snr Vice President:
    John Keys
  • Jnr Vice President:
    Dion Walker
  • Secretary:
    David Baker
  • Treasurer:
    Russell Taylor
  • Committee:
    M. Dashwood
    C. Sheldon
    B. Martin
    D. McCann
  • Selectors:
    R. Thomas, K. Clark, I. Sangster
  • Games Director:
    J. Mitchell
  • Coaches:
    John MacMahon, Alan Frost

Ladies Bowls

Our Ladies Bowls Club welcomes new members whether established players or beginners. The club has a number of qualified coaches for those who wish to learn the game or improve their own performance. Ladies Days are Wednesdays starting at 8.30am followed by lunch, and Saturday mornings.

Womens Bowls Committee
  • President:
    Pam Shepherd
  • Snr Vice President:
    Marion Gilbert
  • Jnr Vice President:
    Pat Dymock
  • Secretary:
    Karen Baker
  • Asst Secretary:
  • Treasurer:
    Robyn Keys
  • Asst Treasurer:
  • Games Director:
    Luchica Muggeridge
  • Asst Games Director:
    Sylvian Cameron
  • Media Officer:
  • Committee Members:
    Nouhad Demetrie, Molly Davies
  • Social Selectors:
    J. Jope, G. Barber, G. Ebert
  • Delegates:
    Judy Sinclair, Sylvian Cameron
  • Coaches:
    Veronica Melville, Marilyn Bradley
  • Umpires:
    Veronica Melville, Marilyn Bradley
  • Measurer:
    Helen (Abbey) Moore

Barefoot Bowls

Join the Barefoot Bowls revolution at Nerang Community Bowls Club, one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in Australia. " Lawn Bowls is the game that takes a second to learn - but a lifetime to master!"

Open from ages 8 and up, Barefoot Bowls provides a great alternative for Birthday parties, Social Club functions, Stag & Hens parties, Corporate team building or any family get together.

Round up the rellies, find some friends, nag the neighbours and gather granny for a cool drink by the green in a relaxed, fun and casual atmosphere.

Barefoot Bowling is well worth the experience and we can arrange catering packages for your group.

$5 head which includes;

  • 2 hours on the green
  • All the equipment necessary
  • Friendly tuition from our experienced staff
  • Use of all club facilities including Bar and Gaming lounge
To register your enquiry or booking please click on the Bookings link, or contact us by phone (07) 5596 0844.